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After His Beloved Dog Dies, One Man Pays $90K To Bring Him 'Back To Life'

Matthew Johnson's dog Woofie had lived a long and happy life. He had spent 20 amazing years with his buddy, but Johnson knew that the old dog was on his last legs.

He couldn't bare the idea of going on without him, so Johnson decided that the only way was to clone his best friend. The Canadian man paid just under $90,000 to Texas laboratory, ViaGen Pets, for an exact replica of his Woofie.

After Woofie's passing, Johnson welcomed home two adorable, healthy clones of his loyal companion. Johnson tells the CBC that Woofie Junior and Blondie are already showing traits that remind him of the original Woofie.

"When we were first introduced, [Woofie Junior] jumped up, barked at me and looked me dead in the eyes and I was like, 'Yep! That's Woofie,'" said Johnson.

Although both pups are clones, Woofie Jr. looks and behaves much more like the original Woofie.

The identical pup not only looks, but also walks and snuggles in the same way as the original Woofie.

When asked why he didn't just adopt a pup in need from the SPCA, Johnson explains that he made the decision based on how perfect his relationship was with the original Woofie:

"This is about having a dog that was in line with me ... in unison ... it's about companionship."

Would you clone your pet after they passed?

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