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After Sleeping With Her Snake, She Learned Something Deadly

While most of us like cuddling up with a plushie, pillow, partner or pet in bed, there are some who prefer to snuggle with...snakes. Yup, you didn't read that wrong.

One woman allows her pet python to slither into bed with her every night. She lets it lay across her body and even circle her body. All seemed well until the reptile suddenly stopped eating.

Like every responsible pet owner, she took the snake to the vet. After answering some questions about the snake's behaviour and eating patterns, the vet gave her an answer she definitely was not expecting.

According to the vet, there was nothing wrong with the python, in fact he has been sizing her and was getting ready to swallow her up. Talk about a nightmare - literally!

Moral of the story is: if it isn't a cat, dog or human, you might want to think twice before cuddling it.

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