Owner Reunited With His Cat After 11 Years, But Gives Him Away To His New Owners

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Owner Reunited With His Cat After 11 Years, But Gives Him Away To His New Owners

When Rowan Jones adopted a kitten named T-Shirt 11 years ago, he noticed his new pet's friendly personality right away. What he didn't realize was T-Shirt's friendliness would actually save his life.

"You could see even at that young age that he had a lot of personality," Jones told the Dodo. "I actually had work drinks on as it was the last day of the working year, so I had to take him to the pub with me. He had no problems mingling with the people at the bar."

T-Shirt would often explore the Jones' neighborhood, even living with other families for a few days, but he wore a collar and always found his way back home. Then one day, he went missing.

Rowan Jones

Like any good pet owner, Jones worried about what had happened to T-Shirt. But even though he was concerned, part of him still hoped that T-Shirt was living happily with a new family.

While no one knows exactly where T-Shirt went for the first seven years, he turned up four years ago in the same neighborhood he'd roamed when he was younger.  

He survived off what he could scavenge and food shared by a few different families, and his vet says that T-Shirt was in incredible shape for a homeless cat. He was living pretty happily until he was hit by a car, but even this accident had a silver lining.

Rowan Jones

One of T-Shirt's new families took him to the vet, where they found a microchip under his skin that lead them to Jones.

While Jones couldn't believe his luck, he had another surprise in store. The other families that had looked after T-Shirt for years had come to visit him at the animal hospital. One, who spent the most time looking after the cat, even had his own name for Jones' pet: Keemo.

While he was happy to be reunited with his cat, Jones decided that after all these years apart "Keemo" would be happiest with a new owner. Jones split the bill for the cat's recovery with the new owner, and he plans to visit his old friend often.

Rowan Jones

It's an almost unbelievable story, and if T-Shirt - or Keemo - wasn't so good at making friends it would have had a much sadder ending. Thankfully Keemo has at least a few of his 9 lives left.

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