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Air Force Pilot Survives 15,000 Foot Fall Without The Help Of A Parachute

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I, like many people, am terrified of heights. That's why, while reading about the ordeal that Cliff Judkins went through as a U.S. Air Force pilot on a routine trans-pacific flight makes me so wildly uncomfortable.

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Judkins was flying his F-8 Crusader, 20,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. He had just hooked his plane up to C-130 Tanker in order to do a mid-air refuel.

During the initial stages of refueling, everything remained normal and all of his gauges told him that this would be a quick and painless procedure. Judkins noticed that his throttle lever was sticking slightly, which was slightly unusual, and as he tried to adjust for the issue there was a bang followed by a mid-air explosion. This started a chain reaction of events that would seem far-fetched in a book or on television.

Judkins had "flamed out" meaning his plane suffered a catastrophic malfunction followed by a mid-air fire/explosion. His training immediately kicked in and he started going through the procedures for such a situation. His radio was out so he couldn't inform anyone of what was going on, and that was a serious problem, because when he attempted to release the canopy hatch to eject, nothing happened.

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