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Alex Trebek Is Cold-Blooded After All Three Contestants Do This

Alex Trebek is no stranger to speaking his mind.

The long time Jeopardy! host made headlines this past year for calling a contestant a loser after she expressed her love for nerd rap.

How this sweet man manages to stand and listen to mundane stories night after night with people explaining their "exciting" anecdotes is beyond me.

So it's no surprise that every once in a while good ol' Trebek needs to let a little attitude slip.

In a 2016 episode of the game show, the final Jeopardy question stumped all 3 contestants. Each one got it wrong...and each one wagered their entire purse.

Throughout the episode, the contestants had been pretty confident in themselves, so Trebek seems to take pleasure in letting them know they're all losers. He even looks a little pissed off.

Because everyone ended with $0, there would be no returning champ the next night. Three new players would appear on the show.

You have to see this hilarious Jeopardy! clip. Have you ever witnessed anything like it?