Alicia Keys Had The Most Hilarious Response When Adam Levine Caught Her Putting On Makeup

In case you haven't noticed, Alicia Keys, host of NBC's hit show The Voice, has been makeup-free since last year.

The 35-year-old singer looks flawless with or without it, but she decided to give up her lipstick, mascara and everything else to feel more empowered.

Just don't ask her about it! Adam Levine found that out the hard way when he noticed his co-host having some makeup put on backstage. He shared the story, and Alicia's hilarious response, on Howard Stern's radio show.

Warning: Alicia felt the need to use some strong language, so be warned!

When Adam caught Alicia touching up her eyebrows he asked if she had really given up makeup. Alicia reportedly told him "I do what the f-- I want."

Adam may have caught her in the act, but Alicia actually admits to wearing a little bit of makeup during her TV appearances.

Her makeup artists Dotti told W magazine that she adds a little fullness to the "Fallin" singer's eyebrows before the cameras start rolling.

She also introduced the singer to some natural face remedies, including using cucumber pulp to reduce puffiness and ice to make skin look tighter.


Adam also mentions adjusting to co-hosts Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's new romance.

He says it's "super crazy" sitting next to them and realizing they're a couple, adding that it has changed the dynamic of the show - which some fans aren't crazy about!

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