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America's Got Talent Winner Did An Incredible Cover Of This Grammy Winning Song

Grace VanderWaal from America's Got Talent is a tiny little powerhouse. She is only 13 years old and already everyone knows her name. last year she won the show at the age of 12 and has released her first album in December 2016. She also continues to release covers of other artists songs on YouTube.

Recently, her cover of Ed Sheeran's song "The A-Team" has reminded everyone why she won. The fact that she is only 13 is pretty crazy, her voice is unreal.

She also tweeted an image of the recording saying that it was the first time she played guitar live and thanked fellow singer Shawn Mendes for the guitar. This kid is going to have so many insane stories when they get older!

You have got to hear her voice in this song, it's absolutely amazing.

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