Are Your Kids Safe? Teachers Encourage Girl To Kill Herself

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Are Your Kids Safe? Teachers Encourage Girl To Kill Herself

Bullying is a sad fact that students have to live with when they go to school. Kids can be mean, and words hurt, but when the schoolyard bully is your teacher, what is a child supposed to do?

An 11-year-old girl in Louisiana faced that horrible question and now 2 teachers are facing charges related to the brutal treatment of the girl.

Filed Reports

The girl, who won't be named because she's a minor, was frequently fighting with her classmates, usually only to defend herself. When her teacher, Ann Marie Shelvin, began saying hurtful things to her as well she told her mother. The mother filed a police report back in February, but no action came of it.

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In the early spring Shelvin took it even further - she told the 11-year-old to "go kill herself." That's when police began investigating.

Made Them Fight

According to a police report, students claim that they were told to fight the girl, or risk being failed by Shelvin. One instance saw multiple children sent to the principal's office after they attacked the young girl. One student involved in the fight said that Shelvin has threatened to not help the girl with her homework.


Shelvin had reportedly also refused to help the 11-year-old victim with her homework after class.

The student said she was worried she'd be treated like the bullied girl if she didn't do what Shelvin said.

Didn't Stop

Shelvin was fired and forcibly removed from school grounds after the investigation. A teacher's aide, Tracy Gallow, took over the class. She also took over bullying the poor young girl.

Video cameras in the school caught Gallow violently shoving the girl into the bleachers on two occasions. When confronted with the evidence Gallow said she only did it because she felt the young girl was "too upset to take her tests."

Now both Shelvin and Gallow face charges of malfeasance in office, intimidation, and interference in school operations.


Neither the girl or her family will speak to reporters about the incident, but a school board member voiced his outrage.

"St. Landry Parish is not going to tolerate it," Anthony Stanberry said.


Sheriff Guidroz handled the investigation, he says the mother did the right thing by bringing in the police, and not trying to handle things herself.

"Students should not have to attend a school and be bullied. Especially by teachers that are there for their education, guidance and safety," he said.

From biting special needs students, to saying horrific things in the classroom, it seems that every day there's a new report, and a new low inside the classroom.

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