An Alaska Town Elected The Purrfect Resident for Mayor

Have you ever been so unsatisfied with a political candidate that you vote for a cat instead? No, you probably have not but about 900 residents living in a small town in Alaska did just that.

Mayor Stubbs of Talkeetna, Alaska has been in office for 21 years which is pretty impressive for any elected official. The part-manx got written in on the ballot after the human candidates didn't appeal to the town's residents.

Stubbs was found in 1997 by Lauri Stec, the owner of a popular general store, Nagley's, in Talkeetna. He was in a box with his kitten siblings in the parking lot when Lauri made the discovery. However, she chose to keep Stubbs because he didn't have a tail and that made him all the more special.


That same year, the town chose him as their honorary representative and the rest was history. Two decades later, residents are still content with their choice.

"He's good. Probably the best we've had," Laurie told WBBH.

Mayor Stubbs is so famous, he's even been in magazines. Thousands of tourists from all over come to Alaska every summer to visit the wonderful leader.

Stubbs has an office in Nagley's and one would have to make an appointment to meet with him. Slots have been filling up quickly so if you can't get your name on the list, you might catch him as he makes his way to a restaurant for some catnip in a wine glass.

But, there's really no rush because it seems like Stubbs may be sticking around for a long time. "I'm very confident that Talkeetna will be A-OK, as long as we have Stubbs around," says one of the town's residents.

[Images: Cody Wellons/flickr]

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