You Have To Hear Andrea Bocelli And His Son Sing A Stunning Ed Sheeran Cover


You Have To Hear Andrea Bocelli And His Son Sing A Stunning Ed Sheeran Cover

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We all know Andrea Bocelli can sing beautifully. That's not a secret at all. But what many people may not know is that his 21-year-old son, Matteo, also has an amazing voice. Matteo is featured on his dad's newest album, Si, and is already gaining attention for his voice. Although his dad says he shouldn't be compared to his own talent.

"Technically [our voices] are very different, but there is one thing that makes them most similar: the attitude. That characteristic way of expressing yourself through your voice," Andrea said of his son's voice. "This makes Matteo and I very similar. But that is something that you cannot learn, that cannot be taught. That is something you are born with."

Matteo seems pretty confident in his future, taught or not. His Twitter bio says he's "considered to be one of the most promising emerging vocalists on the international pop scene."

If he's looking to become a name in the pop world, Matteo made a good choice in choosing to cover the now iconic Ed Sheeran song, "Perfect." It probably wasn't hard for him to pick up the piece either. Not only did his father record a stunning duet of the song with Sheeran himself, but Matteo is a big fan of the music star.

"[Recording with Sheeran] was very peaceful because I had my two sons with me who are great fans of his," Andrea explained at the time. "So they were very excited and very happy to be able to listen to his voice live. It is a privilege and quite emotional to listen to a singer who sings live for you. My sons were in awe."

But now, it's all of our turns to be in awe. While on BBC Radio 2, gave everyone goosebumps with their cover of Sheeran's song, and for good reason.

Take a listen and see (or hear) for yourself!

The video has been watched almost one million times, and almost everyone is blown away by Matteo's talent.

"Does Andrea Bocelli ever sing anything bad?" Chris Garvey said. "BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! HIS SON IS GORGEOUS!!!! He sings as beautiful as his father!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!"

"The only thing greater than the way these two men watching them love and enjoy each other. What blessings. Amazing," Leslie Kinn wrote on YouTube.

"What I love is how Andrea mouths the words when his son is singing and then Matteo does the same thing when dad is singing," Vicki Powell pointed out. "That is so AWESOME"

What do you think of this duet?

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