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16 Pictures That Prove Animals Can Melt In The Right Conditions

It's hard to imagine the warm weather when you are in the depths of the winter, but for these animals they know what it's like to feel that heat.

These goofballs don't handle it well. As soon as they are faced with a little bit of heat they just absolutely melt into little pet puddles and every single time it's hilarious. Check out the best melting animals you will ever see.

1. Hamsters do not hold up well in the heat

2. They just ooze out of every where

3. How does something so tiny spread out so far?

4. That is one trusting pup

5. It's just fact at this point that cats are made of liquid

6. See? It's going to slip right through the cracks!

7. So deflated

8. Spilling out of the edges

9. For an animal thought of as pretty graceful, cats are just so floppy

10. He's a witch!

11. Puppy melts are the cutest melts

12. Almost made it

13. Starts at the cheeks, will continue if melting progresses

14. These melted cats are acting as obstacles...

15. Do they resolidify when they hit the cool water?

16. I guess now we know why owls only come out at night?