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Woman Buys Officer A Cake As An Apology For Trying To Bite Him

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Despite the many great services they provide us, being a police officer can often be a pretty thankless job. You're often risking life and limb to try to make your community a safer place, which puts you in some of the most potentially dangerous situations known to humanity.


Not only that, but thanks to all the stories that often come to light of police officers abusing their power and generally causing problems for the people they're supposed to protect, the ones who legitimately do their jobs properly and just want to look out for people get painted with the same broad strokes.

People's Court

Sometimes people do get together to do something to honor the boys in blue, especially if they've recently been helped out in a big way. What's exceptionally rare though is to see someone charged with a criminal offense offering up some kind of compensation to the officers that arrested them, but a woman in Louisiana is doing just that...

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