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Apple Shareholders Worried About The Effects Its Products Have On Children

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As we move further and further into the 21st Century, it's becoming all the more obvious that today's kids aren't going to ever know a time when their entire life wasn't on the internet. When things like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram all came out, we remember them as a fun novelty that changed some aspects of our lives. For an entire generation though, these things are a regular part of every day life.


Kids are not only being exposed to things like social media and internet video at a significantly younger age than ever before, but people are now opting to use things like tablets and smartphones to babysit their children instead of TV. Sure, a lot of the apps they use are billed as being educational and beneficial for their children, but how sure are you of that?

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Well, apparently there's one group of people that aren't so sure of the impact these things are having on kids, and they just happen to be tied to one of the biggest tech companies in the entire world.

That's right: two major shareholders in Apple (yes, THAT Apple) have demanded that the company take a more serious look at the impact their products are potentially having on younger generations!

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