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Artist Transforms "Cones of Shame" Into Works Of Art

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It's a right of passage that every dog dreads: being sent to the vet a happy, healthy dog and coming home with a big goofy cone around their head. Unfortunately, spaying and neutering your dog is important, and afterwards they need the cone to help keep them out of trouble. While volunteering at Chicago's One Tail At A Time animal shelter, Erin Einbender saw lots of dogs sporting the "cone of shame," as it's sometimes called.

She wanted to find a way to rebrand the cone as something positive, and luckily she had the skills to pull it off. Einbender graduated from Chicago's School of Art Institute, and she used her skills to create these colorful and bright "cones of fame."

Cones of Fame / Facebook
Cones of Fame/ Facebook

The cones have 2 purposes: they help raise awareness about the importance of spaying an neutering, which keeps unwanted dogs out of the shelters, and it helps shelter dogs find Forever Homes.

Each of the dog models in Einbender's photos is a rescue dog, and all of her original models have since been adopted.

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