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Baby Hippo Fiona Discovers Bubbles, And She Doesn't Trust Them [Video]

If you haven't had a moment that melted your heart with happiness today, this is exactly what you need.

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden shared an adorable clip of a 4-month-old hippo discovering bubbles for the first time last weekend.

Fionna, a baby Nile hippo who was born six weeks premature was seen in the video watching a flurry of bubbles fall to the ground and she seems skeptical about the whole thing.

"What are bubbles? Fiona isn’t sure! Caring for our animals includes providing them w/enrichment & introducing them to new stimuli like bubbles," the zoo tweeted along with the video.

Her care team has also introduced her to cardboard, along with the bubbles to provide her new stimuli.

“She wasn’t a huge fan of the way bubbles felt on her skin and tried to rub it off. Cardboard, however, has become one of her favorite things to wear! #TeamFiona,” the zoo said.

Fiona was born in January at only 29 pounds, compared to 55-100 pounds as a typical birth-weight. At the time she required 23-hour critical care for several months until she reached a normal weight.

As of Wednesday she had reached a healthy weight of 265 pounds for a healthy young hippo.

Fiona is not part of the regular zoo population yet, but the zoo is hoping that she will be able to join the rest of the wildlife open to the public this summer.

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