Baby Loses It After Trying Bacon For The First Time

There is always a first for everything but it isn't everyday that the experience is documented and likened to a spiritual awakening.

Lucky for us, when Tyler and Melissa Beach decided to let their son, Easton, have his first taste of bacon on Christmas morning, his priceless reaction was all caught on tape

Easton's mom, Melissa Beach shared the video on Facebook, captioned "That first time you try bacon." It has since gone viral and it really isn't hard to see why.

Whether we remember it or not, this kid's reaction is how we all felt when we tried bacon for the first time. Note when he couldn't help but close his eyes to savour every taste. It's the moment when he realizes his life has now been changed forever.

All it took was one bite for baby Easton to slip into a state of euphoria. He could barely contain his excitement as he repeatedly screams out the 'bacon' each time louder than the last.

I bet this is a Christmas present he will always remember. Check out the video below and watch his adorable appreciation for bacon unfold.