A Woman Got Her Child's Baby Pictures Back Thanks To Facebook And Social Networking

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Some people might get sick with all of the stuff they see spouted off about on Facebook. But more than occasionally, something happens where the ability to use the social platform plays a key role in someone's life. This is one of those situations.

When important sentimental items are lost or stolen, the rightful owner is always dejected, especially when there is little to no hope that the items will ever be retrieved again. Ann Perry-Smith, of British Columbia, Canada, had her car broken into in 2004. The thief made off with a diaper bag, a roll of film and a camera. Apart from the camera, nothing else had any intrinsic value, but that wasn't what was bothering her.

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On the roll of film were pictures of her newborn baby, and those are memories that you can't just go out to the store and replace. She had put them out of her mind some time ago, that is, until she saw the pictures posted on Facebook by a random woman who posted them in hopes of finding the rightful owner. She had been cruising through Facebook in 2013 when she noticed the pictures, realizing what they were, she immediately contacted the woman who had made the original post.

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