They Make Baby Shark Toys That Sing Now, And We're So Sorry, Parents


They Make Baby Shark Toys That Sing Now, And We're So Sorry, Parents


Apologies in advance if you end up with the Baby Shark song stuck in your head for the rest of the week after reading this article, but soon enough you may not even be able to escape it at all.

If you're not aware, Baby Shark is a kids song that went totally viral over the last few months, and little ones cannot get enough of it. The lyrics are pretty straight forward.

Baby shark, do do do do do do

Baby shark, do do do do do do

Baby shark, do do do do do do

Baby Shark.

Then Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandpa Shark...well, you get it. The video has been viewed over TWO BILLION TIMES.

Most parents were probably hoping that they'd be able to get through the holidays without too much annoyance from the catchy tune, praying that Christmas music would take over instead. But I've got bad news for you parents: there are now Baby Shark toys that sing, and your kids are definitely going to want one.

The toys are soft and plush, and when you squeeze their stomach they play the viral hit. You can get a few different varieties. All the options play the song.

There's the Mommy Shark Doll.

And then Mommy Shark Song Cube.

The Daddy Shark Doll.

And the Daddy Shark Song Cube.

And of course, the Baby Shark Doll.

And the Baby Shark Song Cube.

"i have to get my baby that singing baby shark toy no matter how much it's gonna annoy me  i know she'll LOVE IT," one Twitter user said.

"I got Cayden a Baby Shark Do Do Do Do toy for Christmas and I already can see myself throwing it out the window. I'm so tired of that song man," Twitter user Lacey admitted.

One customer already got to test out the toy, and this was his review:

This song... get it out of my head...

Okay, I put the delight of my kid above my own sanity. Honestly, I wasn't expecting very much from this, but I have to say that the plush doll aspect of it is quite nice, especially for the price. It's very soft, and the battery flap doesn't have sharp velcro or anything like that hanging out.

You get one round of Baby Shark (do do do do do do) Daddy Shark, and Mommy Shark, and you're done. The volume is mercifully set quite low, so that you can tune it out pretty easily if your kid is across the room. And if you squeeze it while the song is going, it'll stop.

So, what I expected to be annoying and low quality is actually pretty tolerable, and made well.

The toy is currently retailing for $70 on Amazon for the full-size doll, and the song cube is going for about $30. They're selling out pretty quickly, so if you want one you should act fast.

And just as a reminder, please think twice about buying this for someone's kid. You may not have to hear the song...but those poor parents will hear it every day until the toy "mysteriously" disappears.

Have you heard the Baby Shark song before?

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