Mom's List Of Requirements For Her Next Babysitter Is Completely Bonkers


Mom's List Of Requirements For Her Next Babysitter Is Completely Bonkers

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Job hunting is never fun, especially when you're in a competitive business like babysitting.

It's an industry with a large pool of workers, usually people who are in between other steady jobs or working more than one.

But one of the benefits is that (most) families are pretty relaxed about their requirements. If you have a few good references, and a clean record, it should be easy to get the job.

Being good with children is the first and last requirement for most parents, when it's time to find a babysitter.PXHere

But a Facebook post by a mom with highly demanding standards for her next babysitter is going viral, and not because everyone is itching to apply for the job.

The woman, whose name has been removed from her original post, listed 14 requirements for potential babysitters, along with some not-so-helpful background information on the job.

And while she has every right to be choosy about who looks after her children, some of these rules are laughable.

Check the full list of rules, and see if you could land this job:

[Looking] for a babysitter in the area. [Private message] me if you're interested. Here are my requirements!

  1. Have a bachelor's degree in childcare OR 9 years of relevant babysitting experience
  2. 3 good references with phone numbers
  3. Full time availability [including] weekends
  4. Your own car and driving license
  5. Native English speaking and preferred second language to teach to my children
  6. CPR certified. Ideally a CNA license
  7. NO history of traffic tickets and NO problems with the law (I will be running your name thru [sic] databases)
  8. No tattoos. No drugs. No alcohol. No sketchy social media behavior AND/OR public pictures
  9. MUST be okay with my two [pit bulls]
  10. MUST be okay with emergency last minute calls
  11. Perfect attendance 100% required
  12. Willing to pay for some snacks
  13. Will love to work with an infant, [3-year-old], and 5-year-old
  14. Ideally will be a Trump fan

In exchange, I will be offering $10 [an hour] under the table cash. It's like making $15 an hour but without paying tax. Serious inquires [sic] ONLY.

What do you think of this unusual ad?

I know one thing for sure, most people with a bachelor's degree in childcare would hope to make more than $10 an hour, even if it's for a side job a few times each week.

And I'm no accountant, but I don't think making $10 an hour is the same as "making $15 an hour but without paying tax," especially since the babysitter has to pay for snacks.

Tattoos mom
Tattoos don't make you a bad mom, or a bad babysitter.Elaine Wilson - DoD

Limiting drugs and alcohol makes sense, but what do tattoos have to do with someone's qualifications for babysitting?

All in all, it seems unlikely this mom will get many candidates, as most social media users complained they couldn't make the cut.

"Wow, I got ruled out for this job pretty quickly and I'm a certified teacher! Not good enough I guess," commented one woman.

"I'd love to take the job, but my experience as a pediatric ICU nurse just won't cut it I guess," said another.

And as one user pointed out, the mom herself is ruled out from babysitting her own kids, since "she wants someone with nine years' experience, but she only has five."

But, then again, we all want the best for our children.

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What do you make of this ad? Could you land this job?

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