People Are Turning Their Backyards Into A Beach And It's Mesmerizing

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People Are Turning Their Backyards Into A Beach And It's Mesmerizing

Zydeco Construction, LLC

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We all want to live in our own paradise.

For many people, the sight of the beach is enough to ease anxiety and de-stress.

Unfortunately, most people don't have the luxury of living beside the ocean.

Beachfront properties are extremely expensive, and you run the risk of your property getting flooded.

Homeowners who want to be surrounded by water often choose to build a swimming pool, but what if you could bring a beach paradise to your home?

There's actually a company that will do that for you, and what they create is mesmerizing.

Man-Made Beaches

The Louisiana-based company, Zydeco Construction, specializes in creating man-made beaches that contain sparking turquoise water and sand.

This tiny beach, which is more like a swimming pond, looks like you brought home a slice of the Caribbean.

According to the company, this beach can be installed in most residential backyards. All you really need is a decent-sized backyard.

The owner of the company, Eric White, began his own pool business before he came up with the idea of constructing man-made beaches.

"It has always been a dream of mine to do these different things," White told USA Today. "I am all about figuring out a way to make things happen. I can look at any situation and come up with a way to fix it. I like to stay in the market for things that most companies don't offer, especially custom requests."

White isn't the first one to bring backyard beaches to Americans, but he did design a patented specialty pump for the pond.

This may be just what customers need to prevent harmful bacteria from breeding in the pond.

People Are Loving This Idea

On the company's Facebook page, there are lots of comments congratulating their work and vision.

"Love this idea..perfect for backyard fun."

"Awesome work."

"Zydeco company is perfect and true model of hard work and invention, a vision that all of us would like to anticipate. Well done Mr. White I envy you especially by being homeless one day and millionaire the next day. It's not easy, it's a talented challenge that exceeds the imagination."

The Cost

This man-made beach is not that much more expensive than building a standard-size in-ground pool in your backyard.

They start at around $20,000, but in my opinion, you'll get the bang for your buck by giving it to a professional.

If you're thinking about making a backyard beach into a DIY project, you might have to shell out even more money.

That being said, one man who started building his backyard paradise is now getting paid by visitors to swim in it.

This is what I got to do today. No big deal. #ThorntonsPool

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If you're interested in Zydeco Construction installing a tiny paradise in your backyard, you may have to wait.

According to a Facebook post from June, they're in the process of making some changes to their swimming ponds and have been getting an overwhelming amount of messages.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about man-made beaches in backyards! Would you do it?

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