Toddler Develops Nasty Infection After Playing At The Beach

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Toddler Develops Nasty Infection After Playing At The Beach

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This summer, there has been no shortage of disasters at the beach, and it's got a lot of people worried.

Experts have been warning us about the dangers of excessive sun exposure, bug bites, hidden fires, beach umbrellas, sea lice, and the list goes on.

Now there's something else we've got keep in mind...

"It was basically burning her skin."

Anais Monteagudo was celebrating her daughter's third birthday at the beach when later on in the day she noticed considerable amounts of redness on her little girl's face and body.

A few days later, Aaliyah Casola's lips, face and arms were swollen and covered in blisters.

"[I] didn't think anything of it. It got considerably worse as the days passed and Tuesday morning I just decided to take her to the hospital," the concerned mother wrote in a Facebook post.

Aaliyah was hospitalized with two bacterial infections: impetigo and cellulitis.

"There are significant scars," Anais told NBC Miami. "I was scared because I didn't know if it was going to impact her internally."

According to her mother, the three-year-old girl had spent "not even two hours" in the water.

The South Florida mother, who celebrated her daughter's birthday at Key Biscayne's Crandon Beach on July 21, had a bone to pick with officials in the city.

Anais Monteagudo Facebook

"They said that there's been a lot of cases from Key Biscayne that are coming in with infections. A lot of kids," Monteagudo told local reporters.

The Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County issued a no-swimming advisory for Crandon Beach four days before the birthday beach trip.

Health officials learned from water samples that high levels of fecal bacteria were in the water at the time.

They lifted the advisory for beaches in that area on the same day Aaliyah was hospitalized.

"After the hospital I did my research they had tested the beach seven days before saying the levels of feces in the water was "satisfactory" and opened for the public," she wrote. "This is insane! They charge eight dollars for parking per car. Where is that money going if it's not making sure the beaches are clean?"

Anais Monteagudo Facebook

"I'm so angry at the fact that they never had any signs up warning of the potential of this and how she's now in pain and most likely getting scars all over her little hands and her chin because of this," Anais added.

The mother is cautioning others before they step foot in beach waters, and to check online to see if any health warnings have been posted.

"I will be seeking legal help for this and I will make sure this doesn't happen to more people."

It's terrible what happened to Anais' daughter. Do you think more could have been done to protect the public?

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