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25 Things Every Dog Owner Should Have That Will Make Their Lives So Much Easier


Listen, if you own a dog, I get it. That creature is the light of your life. Dogs have this magical power to make their owners become completely obsessed with them, and not even get embarrassed about it in the least.

Do you know how many times people have looked at me like I was crazy because I was talking to my dogs like they were humans, but never once have I cared at all.

Now here's the thing, because I am entirely too in love with my dogs, I tend to try and find all the newest and coolest stuff to make their lives happier and healthier. Between toys, gadgets, and treats, I do my best to give them the greatest life imaginable.

Luckily for me, there are a lot of excellent options for things that help my sweet pups get pampered, and you know what, that's all I really want.

If you are looking for some awesome things to treat your pets with, or even yourself, look no further. We've got everything you could ever want for your sweet little doggos.

1. DOTT Smart Dog Tag Tracker

Having a dog is obviously amazing, but if you've ever had to deal with one of your dogs getting off-leash and running away, you know that it's the scariest thing imaginable.

One of my dogs once was missing for the entire day, and while we were lucky we found her, I wish we had a tracker so I could get her back within minutes.

This system is a super clever design because it connects all the pet parents in the neighborhood. It has a "digital leash" that lets you know when your dog finds their way out of a certain range, and its battery life can last between six to nine months!

Compared to other trackers, this one has better functionality and is more targeted to your canine companion, and as a bonus it'll help you track their daily walks, medications, and can even give you weather warnings!

For only $40, you can get all the peace of mind you need. Get one here and attach it to your dog's collar now.

2. Pooch Selfie

Is this one a little bit silly? Sure. But you know what? Animal lovers want nothing more than a good picture with their pet.

We don't all have someone who will sit there patiently and take 100 pictures of us with our dogs, so this little gadget helps to get your dog's attention while you snap the perfect selfie. Simple, efficient, and will give you and easy way to grab snapshots with your best friend.

Get one here, they are only $10!  

3. Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

This is one of those things I never even thought of, but once you have it, you realize it's a game changer.

Once you get one of these, the days of footprints all over the house and furniture are gone. A little bit of water and soap is all it takes, because the gentle silicone bristles can get all the mud and gunk out of their fur so they are clean and ready to come inside.

Get one here, they come in a variety of sizes and there is even an automatic version that does all the cleaning for you!

4. Dog Licking Pad For Baths

Giving your dog a bath is one of those things we all dread doing, but it needs to happen every once and a while.

But these dog distractions are perfect. A little bit of peanut butter is all it takes, and your dog will be distracted and happy the entire bath.

Get one here and make bath time a lot less stressful.

5. Pawtection paw protector

You know how your dog's paws tend to get dry and cracked? Well, they don't have to. Using a paw protector like this helps their paws in more ways than just how they look though. It also helps them stay safe when there is salt on the ground, or any other irritants that can hurt their little toes.

It's super easy to apply. It looks kind of like a stick of deodorant and lasts for a super long time. Get yours here.

6. Dog Dremel for Nails

Doing your dog's nails doesn't have to be a huge hassle. I know it's scary to clip them because you always worry about catching the quick of the nail and hurting them, but using a Dremel almost guarantees you won't!

Also, you can buff down the edges so your dog's freshly trimmed nails aren't super sharp when they jump on your lap.

It's easy to do, and while some dogs are freaked out by the sound, many prefer it to the traditional clippers.

Get one here!

7. Dog Feeder Tracker

Every single day I hear the same question: Did you feed the dog? Well, how handy is this little device? Just put it up beside their bowl and you never have to answer the annoying and repetitive question again!

Get this genius device here.

8. Treat Stuffed Toys

Keep your pup busy for a long time with these simple toys that are stuffed with treats. Not only do they help distract them, but it also helps to clean their teeth!

Get one here.

9. Pet IQ Treat Ball

My vet actually recommended one of these to me whenever my dog was gaining weight. He would eat all of his food way too fast, and then act like he was starving, so she suggested using this to feed him.

I would fill it up with his kibbles and then he'd have to take the time to push it around to get the snacks out. It worked great, and as a bonus it helped to stimulate his brain.

Get one here to challenge your dog.

10. Slow Feeder Dog Dish

The other suggestion my vet had given for my little piglet was to get a slow feeder. He still uses it to this day even though he has managed to lose a bunch of weight, just because it helps him stop inhaling his food.

They help them slow down and really think about their chewing. Get one here!

11. Grooming Gloves

Dogs love when we pet them, but their hair tends to get everywhere unless we brush them regularly. These gloves let you accomplish both at once, giving them all the love they want while also helping ensure your house doesn't end up covered in hair.

You can also use them in the bath to work the shampoo into their fur! Get yours here.

12. Pawbo

We all miss our dogs when we aren't home. It sucks that we can't take them everywhere with us, but for when you do have to leave your canine companions at home, the Pawbo is there to give you some ease of mind.

It's a WiFi camera that transmits the video right to an app, and even has a microphone so you could talk to your pet! It also has a laser game that means you can play with your pet while you're out, as well as the option to dispense treats remotely.

It also takes pictures for you when your pet lines themselves up for a perfect picture, so you're all set to keep an eye on your sweet pets.

They are pretty remarkable systems and the perfect gift for any pet lover. Get yours here.

13. Pet First Aid Kit

Small enough to clip onto your dog's leash, this first aid kit has everything you could need in an emergency situation to help get your pet stable enough to get to the vet. If you tend to hike or travel with your pet, this is a must.

Bandages, gloves, anti-septic wipes and more all fit into this tiny pouch that you can clip onto your backpack, belt, or dog's leash.

Get one here.

14. Dog DNA Test Kits

The dog I had growing up was a mutt, and while they said she was a "Pomeranian/Sheltie" mix, the way she looked when she grew up made it pretty evident that was a big ol' lie. If these were around when I had her, I would have LOVED to know the answers.

The Wisdom Panel test can help to identify the breeds that make up your dog's DNA, and even gives you the percentages of the type of dogs they are.

They are always improving their accuracy though, and can even identify drug sensitives, and genetic health conditions.

Get yours here to find out the truth about your dog!

That's not the only test kit though, Embark is another test kit, that is similar, but claims to be even more accurate. It has a huge database DNA to compare to, and uses that information to tell you which traits are from which breed.

It has a lot of detail, and while it's a little bit more expensive than the Wisdom Panel, it can help you find out 20 times more genetic information.

Get yours here.

15. Pill Pockets

If you've ever had to give your dog a pill, you know that sometimes it's not that easy. These pill pockets make it a lot simpler though, because they think they are just getting a treat.

While I know that peanut butter works for some dogs, if your dog has diet restrictions or is just picky, these are a great option. Get them here.

16. Nature's Miracle

Accidents happen, and when they do, getting them cleaned up effectively is really important. Nature's Miracle does just that.

Whether you use the regular strength, the extra strength, or the one that is specifically formulated for urine stains, I cannot recommend this brand highly enough.

Get the regular strength here, the extra strength here, and the urine destroyer here.

17. Dog Poop Bags

No I know, it's not glamorous, but we all need them. You may as well get them in bulk delivered right to your house instead of making your way to the store every few weeks. I mean, 900 bags for only $15? That's a lot of walks!

Get them here.

18. Puppy Training Pads

In a similarly unglamorous vein, pee pads are unfortunately a requirement for some dogs. Whether they are just too old to hold it through the night, or a young puppy learning how to go outside, these just make cleanup a lot less horrible.

They are a really good price too, for around $16 you can get 100 of them. That should last you a while! Get them here.

19. Fresh Patch

As an alternative to the traditional puppy pads, these are actually pieces of grass that your dog can use indoors. I've found them helpful in the colder months when my dog refuses to do his business outside.

Get one here.

20. Dog Stairs

For dogs who are little bit shorter, getting up on the couch or in bed can be a little tricky. I know some of you may not want your dogs on the bed so it works out perfectly, but if you do happen to want some cuddle time, these stairs help them make their way up safetly.

It's not always the jumping up that's the issue, sometimes they can hurt themselves on the long jump down, so it's always better to be safe than sorry!

Get yours here.

21. Dog Toothbrushes

Dogs need to brush their teeth too, and these little toothbrushes are a lot easier to use. You jut scrape them on their teeth with some dog-safe toothpaste, and it'll give you a lot more control over where you're scrubbing.

Get them here.

22. Thunder Shirt

Dogs get anxiety too, and one way that helps them calm down is a Thunder Shirt. It's like a big hug for them, and helps soothe their nerves.

Get one here, they come in a variety of sizes so no matter how big or small your dog is, they can have an easier time.

Get it here.

23. Travel Pet Bowl

A collapsible travel bowl like this clips onto your bag or leash when you go out on a hike or adventure with your dog and gives you an easy way to make sure they stay hydrated.

It also is convenient for traveling, just because it is so compact it won't take up a lot of space.

Get it here.

24. Classic Kong

Stuff it full of peanut butter and freeze it, fill it with treats, or get the specialty refills, because no matter what, a Kong will always be a useful dog toy.

They all seem to love them, and they are so durable that you don't have to worry about your dog when they play with them.

Get one here.

25. Dog Seatbelt

Dogs love car rides, but if they lose their balance they can hurt themselves. Clip one of these seat belts onto their harness and into the seat belt attachment to make sure they stay safe.

Get it here.

Treat yourself and your pet to something today!

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