Best Fabrics for Newborn Babies


Best Fabrics for Newborn Babies

Fabrics are important when buying baby clothes

Babies have the most sensitive skin when they are newborns, and it takes time for them to get used to the world around them. When you buy baby clothes, you must take a few elements into consideration,  that is the weather and surroundings of your little one.

In the summer, there are fabrics that are breathable and light. In the winter, the materials must be soft, but thick and warm. Not only fabrics that are appropriate for the weather are important, but materials that are organic will be better received by your baby’s skin.

In this list, we will focus on the all-time best materials for newborns, especially the most eco-friendly ones for organic baby clothes.  

Best fabrics for newborn babies

The following fabrics have been the favorites of moms, grandmas, and midwives for hundreds of years. They are versatile and can be made into a variety of designs suitable for newborn babies.

  • Cotton: This is easily the most used fabric for making baby clothes. Depending on how the cotton is made and the combination with other materials, this fabric can have many faces. The most common is regular cotton, muslin, batiste, and eyelet cotton. Cotton is very versatile, you can make pretty much any garment out of this fabric. Be it onesies, tops, or dresses, cotton is the perfect fabric for all seasons and occasions.
  • Linen: This material is very soft, yet durable, and makes for great sheets, and summer blankets. Usually, a combination of linen and cotton can avoid the natural creasing of the material. This is a favorite when it comes to the sheets for the bassinet and crib. Easy to clean, dry fast, and last long.
  • Muslin: Muslin is a cotton-based fabric. This fabric is considered the most breathable material, perfect for summertime. Muslin has a large variety of uses: swaddle, burp cloths, blanket, sheets, among others.

Best organic baby clothes

Organic fabrics are always going to be a better choice. However, they are expensive and some parents may feel like they are not absolutely necessary. That is why we recommend organic baby clothes mostly for parents whose babies show sensitive skin or have early allergies. Most organic fabrics have non-allergenic properties, making them excellent for extremely sensitive babies.

  • Organic cotton: This type of cotton is done through a chemical and toxin-free technique. Since babies' skin are not as prone to react well under chemicals, organic cotton is surely a better option than the regular kind.
  • Bamboo Rayon: This highly resistant, thin fabric is made from Bamboo as the name indicates. Bamboo Rayon has many great properties, one of them being thermal-regulating. This means that you can dress your baby in this fabric all year round. The garment will get the same temperature as the baby’s skin, maintaining a reasonable normal warmth for the little one.
  • Natural Fleece: Fleece is a winter favorite. The fabric is warm and dries fast. Your baby’s skin will crave more fleece softness. The best part is it is very stain resistant and quite easy to wash.

Best eco-friendly baby clothes

Most of the organic fabrics in this list are quite eco-friendly, especially in comparison to synthetic ones which use too much water. When buying organic baby clothes, you might also reduce your carbon footprint in the world while keeping your little one comfortable and safe.

The Bottom Line

The best fabrics for newborn babies are those that keep them at the right temperature for the weather, feel soft on their skin, and have no chemicals. We can all agree that organic fabrics are becoming popular due to how beneficial they are when used in baby’s garments. You can be more eco-friendly, and help the environment while keeping your little one’s skin off nasty chemicals, and healthy.

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