Best Friend Of Man: Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

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Best Friend Of Man: Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

The dog is often referred to as the best friend of man, but why are dogs so loyal? One reason: They are pack animals and instinctively develop a close bond with their caregivers.

When it comes to the question of why dogs are so loyal, there are different answers. For one thing, dogs are pack animals and regard humans as direct relatives of their family. On the other hand, the dog is in itself a very sensitive animal and shows clear signs of empathy.

The Pack As Reference Group For The Dog

Loyalty within a pack is a survival instinct in the wild. Quite simply, however, the question of the loyalty of a dog can not be answered. The role of "food donor" and " leader of the pack " alone is probably not the reason for the joy dogs show when "their" human comes home.

Dogs Are Loving Animals

Rather, several studies have proven in the past that dogs not only clearly empathize with people's behavior, but also communicate with them to a degree.

They understand verbal and physical gestures and are able to interpret them correctly. Humans, on the other hand, displayed the ability to "read" the behavior and bark of their four-legged friend. This ability to communicate with each other is considered by many to be one of the main foundations for answering the question of why dogs are so faithful.

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