Best States To Play Casinos Online


Best States To Play Casinos Online

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As we all know, the United States has a long and complicated relationship with gambling.

There are many different laws in different states, and the landscape is always changing, especially following the 2018 ruling by the Supreme Court to end the federal law by which the activity had initially been governed when New Jersey took its case to the highest court of the land.

As a result of the victory that was achieved by the Garden State, there are now plenty of opportunities to gamble online in the US as more and more states have decided to take advantage of the ability to implement their own laws and regulate the market for themselves.

Which states are the best for online casinos?

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best states to gamble online in the US nowadays, and look to explain why they can be considered to be among the best in the country!

Delaware: A small state with a big gambling scene

Delaware may be a small state, but it is home to many different casinos. Furthermore, it is one of the original states to have fully legalized and permitted the ability to play at an online casino.

As the state provides a license, players will be protected whenever they use an online platform within the state’s borders, thus immediately making it one of the best places in the US to play virtually. Moreover, there are a host of different operators, thus giving bettors the ability to choose who they wish to play with.

Given the number of different platforms to choose from, punters are able to enjoy some of the best iGaming experiences possible when based in Delaware, as they are able to play a number of their favorite games, including slots and classic casino table games!

New Jersey: The East Coast's Casino Mecca

If you are on the East Coast, then your best bet for gambling is probably New Jersey. This tiny state is home to some of the most famous casinos in the world, including Atlantic City. Much like Nevada, there are also many different online casinos that cater to US players.

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New Jersey has a long history with gambling, so it is no surprise that it is one of the best states for gambling online.

Again, you are able to find all your favorite games at any of the many online casinos, and you are guaranteed to have a great time, especially as you are now protected via the licenses that have been obtained and provided by the state.

Michigan: A state on the rise

Michigan is a newer state when it comes to gambling, but it is quickly becoming one of the best in the US.

There are many different casinos scattered across the state as online gambling in Michigan is fully legal now thanks to federal regulation, therefore players are now able to find a platform that suits their needs and ensures they are able to experience the very best gambling sessions possible.

A number of operators have quickly moved into the state as they realized that there are a lot of opportunities and room for growth within the area as there are many within the state that have been looking forward to playing their favorite casino games online for some time.

Pennsylvania: A state with something for everyone

Pennsylvania is another great state for gambling, both offline and online. There are dozens of casinos scattered across the state, including in the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. However, if you are looking to gamble online, there are plenty of options available as well with a number of reputable brands all operating within the state’s borders.

You can find all your favorite games at online casinos in Pennsylvania, with thousands of different titles to choose from across a range of different game types. For instance, there is an exceptional number of slots to choose from, whilst there are many online operators within the region that continue to provide live dealer games, as well as classic table games that can be enjoyed whenever and wherever a player chooses to!

Could we see more states look to permit online casinos in the future?

It should be noted that we could have mentioned that Connecticut and West Virginia also permit online gambling activities within their states, and whilst they were not mentioned above, they do still remain among the best states in the US to play.

However, we thought we would take a look at whether it is likely to see any other states look to permit these wagering activities in the future. Indeed, with the ever-changing landscape that has been experienced, it is very likely that there will be a number of states that seriously consider implementing new regulations moving forward, especially with the way things are trending.

Of course, one of the biggest drivers of this might be the fact that many of them have already been able to benefit greatly from the introduction of the legal sports betting markets that have since been made available to punters.

There are, though, states that are potentially going to cause problems in the future in regard to allowing the online casino industry to further grow and expand, which would then make them states that will not be considered the best.

States including California, Texas, and Florida could all be exceptional markets given the populations they respectively boast, however there has not been too much movement on gambling in general, whereas Nevada might seem like an obvious choice, however it is one that will likely pose a problem for the industry.

Naturally, Nevada - Las Vegas in particular - is known around the world as being the gambling capital, however this is more for its physical and traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. This is a reputation that could seemingly make online gambling a struggle.

Land-based operators are incredibly influential within the state and politicians unlikely to want to upset them and potentially see them look to exit the region, it would not be a surprise if we were to see them be kept happy and continue to restrict online wagering in the future.

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