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Bet You Didn't Know There Is A Magical Forest Filled With Dogs?

An island in British Columbia is the most wonderful place for any dog lover. Its a bit of a process to get there but once you arrive you will be greeted by over 40 happy giant dogs who want nothing more than to love you.

If you go to Vancouver, you catch a ferry at the French Creek which will bring you to Lasqueti Island. This island has a dog kennel called the Lasquite Kennels owned by Tikki Smith. It is 5 acres of forest and rain forest trees and roaming in that magical forest are over 40 Saint Bernards.

Tikki, the owner of all these dogs, lives with limited resources on the island, they us solar power and needed to create a water system on their own.

Could you imagine walk around with 42 full grown Saint Bernards? They are huge, happy and living an amazing life out on that island and I bet a lot of people would want to go see them! I know I would!

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