Betty White Reveals Her One And Only Regret In Life And It Will Break Your Heart

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For someone who has been around for 95 years, you would think Betty White would have a list of regrets, but it turns out she only has one, and it has to do with her late husband, Allen Ludden.

White met Ludden on the set of the popular 60s game show Password.

Having already been through two failed marriages, White was cautious about falling for another man so the pair remained friends at first.

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The Golden Girls actress recalled how kind Ludden had been kind to her while she appeared as a guest on the show. He was “never too busy to say a warm goodbye after the last show finished."

They both went on to star in a play called Critic's Choice, and it was then that Ludden, who lost his first wife to cancer a year before, fell in love with White. Their chemistry on and off set was undeniable and Ludden's children quickly took to White.

“I fell in love with her opening night,” Ludden once admitted in an interview.

Unfortunately, their busy schedules and the fact that they lived in different cities would get in the way for a while. After the play ended, White returned to California and Ludden to New York City. However, they didn't give up on their relationship and maintained a long-distance relationship.


Ludden proposed a couple of times over the course of their relationship, but White kept turning him down. "In love as I was, nonetheless marrying and moving east was still not in the equation,” she explained. She added that Ludden "truly believed in what he was selling and kept the pressure on."

White eventually agreed to get married, and the couple tied the knot on June 14, 1963. They moved to Chappaqua, NY, but White struggled to adjust. It took a few tragedies, including the death of her father and the assasination of President John F. Kennedy, for White to finally realize that she needed Ludden.

"It finally penetrated my thick skull that [Allen and I] were a unit,” White said. "From that day forward, any problem we had... came from the outside. [Ludden] had taught me to stop running."

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Over the years, the couple found success in their individual careers and in their marriage. They eventually moved to California and build their own home. Unfortunately, Allen was diagnosed with cancer in the midst of the planning, but he lived long enough to see the finished house. He died four months later in 1981 at the age of 63.

While they enjoyed a blissful marriage, there was something White did early on in their relationship that she still regrets today.

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