Beware! New Browser Scam Can Get You In A Lot Of Trouble

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Beware! New Browser Scam Can Get You In A Lot Of Trouble

You know the genius autocomplete feature in your browser that spares you from manually filling out web forms every single time? Well you may want to think twice before enabling it after you read this.

Turns out some hackers have been embedding hidden text boxes onto websites that allow the auto complete extension so they can extract your valuable personal information like your credit card number, birthdate and address.

According to a Finnish developer, Viljami Kuosmanen, you could fall victim to such a phishing scam because "would-be scammers could simply add additional "hidden" boxes to the page, and trick people into giving away more info than they intended to."

As of now there isn't a solution for this security issue but there's a really good chance that Google, Apple and other browser companies are working on a solution. In the meantime, you can protect yourself by disabling autofill.

Do you use autofill? Let us know how you feel about this new online security threat.

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