Bingo: The hobby of the stars.


Bingo: The hobby of the stars.

Bingo is a game loved by many, even if they don’t want to admit it. It’s won its place in shelves at homes from all over the word. We all had a Bingo game one way or another, either by improvising with a “print and play” version, or that plastic version your aunty gifted you for your 10th birthday.

Luckily enough, the game goes way beyond that. There are thousands of bingo halls around the word and all welcoming adult players from all age ranges, putting them all together as pears into a massive congregation that feels unique. Even now, that the summer is almost over, and a trip to the beach will not be considered anymore, BINGO will give you something to do during upcoming rainy days.

Fortunately, now it’s more accessible than ever before. There are bingo halls scattered all over the globe and if you don’t feel like leaving your house, as an example you can play online bingo at 888 ladies and enjoy the game at the comfort of your home.

Having people in their twenties sharing a match with elderly citizens is not something that happens in many means of entertainment.

What if you add famous stars to the mix?

Some famous personalities like Neymar, Snoop dog and Henry Cavill love playing hipped and cool games such as Rocket league, Halo, FIFA or Fortnite, but many others prefer something simpler and more traditional options like BINGO. You’ll be surprised to know who prefer the later!

Robbie Williams

He started as part of pop band Take That but it was during his solo career that he nested hits such as Millenium and Rock DJ.

Not many know he’s a fan of Bingo. Among his peers is well recognize to assist Bingo games for charity, but his passion for the game goes further with him hosting games at his own home.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

While she’s not very active in the Hollywood scene anymore she’s still as vibrant as always. Married with the magnificent Michael Douglas she always finds a way to stand out.

She is well known for loving the game so much that she even handcrafted her own set of bingo balls and cards. She is lucky enough to share this passion with Michael and they are famous for playing Bingo during the holiday season.

Russell Crowe

The consecrated actor was born in New Zealand in 1964, and then moved to Australia to spend his childhood.

He’s well known for being the star of Hollywood hit Gladiator which took him to the highest point in his career.

So, what does he do on his free time? He loves playing Bingo of course. He was even a bingo caller while living in Australia. There he learned to love and appreciate the game which he still plays and enjoy.

Mick Jagger

Mick started with the Rolling Stones back in the 60’s. He and his bandmates set a new standard for rock n’ roll and earned his rock star status with rock anthems such as Satisfaction and Sympathy for the devil.

He even collaborated with David Bowie. We will have to wait another hundred years to experience a collaboration this big in the history of music.

Stepping away from his musical background, on his free time he loves to host BINGO parties at this house, which are known by his neighbors for throwing it all out.


Another European Rockstar who loves playing bingo. The musician from Dublin made a name for himself with the awarded band U2.

He too loves playing bingo and he is a frequent at one of the most famous Dublin bingo halls. Do not insist, we won’t tell you which one. We don’t want you stalking him (It’s the Mr. Pussey’s café in Dublin but you didn’t hear it from us).

Sharon Osbourne

If you are a Rockstar loving wife, role model mother and consecrated manager you must relieve your pressure with a hobby. That’s what Bingo does to Sharon. If Bingo was a sport she would definitely be in the dream team. She can analyze the match as a whole and anticipate her next moves.  We could say she is methodic in every aspect of her life, even when playing something so random as Bingo, but we don’t judge her, that’s the way of the winners and she has actually some wins under her belt.

Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born in 1926, and at age of 95 she is as sharp as ever. She’s been in charge of the commonwealth since 1952 and is a beloved personality all around the United Kingdom.

So, what do you think she does in here spare time? BINGO! She loves to play bingo with her close ones. It’s common knowledge that Bingo is played throughout the holiday season at Buckingham Palace. We don’t know if they play for money or just for glory, but if Bingo is good enough for the royal family it has to be good enough for you.

Kate Moss

The super-model that featured magazines back in the 90’s was and still is an avid Bingo player. She used to love to go play at bingo halls, but now she has migrated her passion for the game to the cyberspace. Mostly playing online with her relatives, nowadays.

A game for everyone

Fortunately, Bingo is out there and ready for you to enjoy it. It is a timeless classic and transcends all ages and social status.

Who knows! You may even come across Kate Moss and many other celebrities that love to play this game.

We’ve come a long way since the game was originated back in the 18th century and now that is accessible from your phone, tablet or computer it’s a great moment to try this classic.

The game remains current because of its simplicity and easy to pick-up nature. It can be played for money where bit jackpots are there for you to grab or if you are a more chill player you can play just for fun. Truth is, the game will probably never feel old and it’s as inviting as ever was before.

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