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Birth Mother Left To Raise Baby After Adoptive Mother Refuses To Take Her Home

Christina Fisher wasn't ready to raise a baby, which is why, when the 36-year-old found out she was pregnant, she started adoption proceedings. She got in touch with a family from Georgia who was looking to adopt a baby, living in Florida, Fisher kept in close contact with the family throughout the pregnancy. She sent sonograms, talked on the phone, and gave medical updates to the people who would be raising her little girl.

After the birth however, the woman who was supposed to adopt little baby Abigail backed out. The baby was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a disorder that affects the bone structure of the face.

The condition wasn't detected in any scan, and doctors found nothing to worry about throughout the pregnancy.

"They just told me her ears looked a little small," said Fisher.

Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS) is a condition that affects the development of bones and tissues in the face. Symptoms include the underdevelopment of cheek bones, a very small jaw and chin and ears.

There was no mystery about the adoptive mother's disappearance. After seeing little baby Abigail the woman burst into tears and left the hospital.

"We never heard from them again," said Fisher.

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Since her adoptive mom abandoned her, Fisher has taken over the responsibility of raising the little girl on her own. Although she loves her daughter, she was not prepared to raise her and she admits that it has been a struggle to care for her.

Christina and little Abigail live together in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The 36-year-old mother started a GofundMe account to ease the burden of Abigail Lynn's healthcare needs. It's raised over $20,000 for Fisher and Abigail.

Although Abigail's condition was a surprise, she knew the moment the adoptive mother walked away that this little girl was meant to stay with her:

" ...the adoptive mom left the hospital crying saying how deformed she is ...... and never heard from her again. That is when i realized she is meant to be mine only now..." she writes.

Although it's been a trying time, Fisher says she can't imagine life without Abigail.

Good luck to them both!

If you were in Christina Fisher's place, what would you have done? Was the adoptive family right to turn away from Abigail? You decide.

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