An 87-Year-Old Woman Says Her Neighbor's Dog Saved Her From Freezing To Death


An 87-Year-Old Woman Says Her Neighbor's Dog Saved Her From Freezing To Death

So far 2019 has been a cold one. Obviously the weather phenomenon known as a polar vortex dropped temperatures way way down, but snowy, windy and icy conditions have impacted most of the country.

It feels like it's impossible to get from point A to point B without getting dirty, wet, or just really cold.

It's more than a nuisance, it's dangerous.

Last week's polar vortex made temperatures plummet to record-setting lows. Chicago felt like it was -50°F and at least 8 states had to issue severe cold weather warnings. Schools closed, trains stopped and even the post office stopped delivering until the weather warmed up.


Even with all the precautions, the cold was too deadly to be escaped for some. Some bodies are still being found as temperatures have warmed up, but the latest count is more than two dozen fatalities and hundreds more hurt.

Illinois, one of the states hardest hit, saw more than 220 cases of frostbite or hypothermia last week alone. Normal numbers don't even come close to breaking 100.

"I definitely saw more frostbite than I've ever seen in my entire career just in the last three days," said Dr. Andrea Rowland-Fischer to the Star Advertiser.

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Many of the deaths were elderly people who had fallen while outside. Unable to get up, they froze to death, often just steps away from shelter.

So it's not an understatement to say that Midnight, a 4-year-old black lab from Alexandria, MN, is a hero.

Tim Curfman told CBS news, that he noticed Midnight acting strange as he took out his garbage.


"She had her ears perked up looking at me. She doesn't normally do that. Sometimes you get that feeling something's up," he said.

Curfman allowed Midnight to lead him to a spot on the opposite end of his house. He looked out the window and spotted his elderly neighbor Noreen. She had fallen and was prone on the snowy ground.


"We figured she was out there at least a half hour," he said. Noreen had gone outside to fill her birdfeeder, but slipped and fell. Her gloves soaked through and her body went numb, denying her the strength she needed to pick herself up.


When she fell the temperature was one degree below freezing, cold enough to induce hypothermia. Had she fallen last week, Noreen would be dead. She was evaluated by doctors, but thankfully suffered no injuries.

Noreen didn't want to be interviewed, but credited Midnight with saving her life.


"Weve been very proud of her," said Curfman. "And she got so many treats it was a shame."

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