Black Lab Takes The Bus By Herself Every Day

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Black Lab Takes The Bus By Herself Every Day

Jeff Young takes his dog Eclipse to the dog park every week. The pair hop on the bus, take a short ride 3 or 4 stops down the street, and get off at the local park in their Seattle neighborhood.

Eclipse is a strong, independent black lab, and at a certain point she realized she didn't need her owner in order to get to the dog park. They live in a house right in front of the bus stop, and one day Young was taking too long with his cigarette. Eclipse got on the bus, and the bus took off.

Rare Delights

Young chased after the bus, and to his amazement the dog got off at the right stop. Now the super smart canine routinely takes herself to the park. The drivers and regular passengers know her, and love how independent she is.

"She just sits here like a person does," passenger Tiona Rainwater told Time magazine. "How can you not love this thing?"

Seattle Metro Transit Authority has officially given Eclipse free passage, saying they love her "enthusiasm for public transit."

Young isn't worried about Eclipse finding her way home, he always catches up with her.

"We get separated. She gets on the bus without me and I catch up with her at the dog park," he said. Witnesses on the bus say Eclipse spends the ride looking out the window, waiting for the stop.

Even though most drivers and riders know her by sight, Young says he frequently gets calls from good Samaritans who have spotted his unsupervised dog.

"I tell them 'No she's fine. She knows what she's doing.'"

I can't trust my dog to stay out of the garbage while I'm gone, but here Eclipse is taking the bus by herself. She definitely deserves her time at the park.

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