Blind Cat Doesn't Let Anything Stop Her From Going On Amazing Adventures

When Honey Bee the rescue cat from Fiji found a new home in Seattle, she was very lucky. Not only had she been saved and given to a loving family, but she also found 2 humans who loved her just the way she is.

Honey Bee is blind, but that doesn't mean she's different from other cats. She still loves to play, to snuggle up to her owners and to lie in the sunbeams under her favorite window.

But Honey Bee has another hobby that most cats don't enjoy: hiking. In the forest around Washington's Mason Lake, Honey Bee loves exploring the trails with her owners.

Videos of Honey Bee hiking have made her famous, but her owners say most people underestimate what their cat can do.

She has a sling to curl up in when she gets tired (if she doesn't want to ride her owner's shoulders) and she stops for snacks along the way, just like anyone.

Honey Bee: Blind Cat From Fiji

But most of the time Honey Bee is wandering the forest, excited to explore the sights and smells around her. Thankfully, she always wears a leash, so she can't explore too far away.

Honey Bee: Blind Cat From Fiji

Her owners have used all the attention Honey Bee earns for good, promoting Animals Fiji, the organization that rescued Bee, and raising money for them by selling t-shirts.

"Please consider adopting a special needs animal," Bee's owner writes on her Facebook page. "Every animal has their own skills and quirks."

Honey Bee: Blind Cat From Fiji

Bee's quirks may slow her down, but nothing can stop her from doing what she loves. And that's a message we can all Bee-lieve in!

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