Blind, Starving and Dying, His Transformation Is Astounding

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Blind, Starving and Dying, His Transformation Is Astounding

People don't always know what to do when they find an animal that is in need, but this woman knew exactly what needed to be done.

Carmen Weinberg is the founder of Animal Friends Project and when she saw this story she knew she needed to take action fast.

This is Cotton. Cotton wandered up to a farm, completely blind and out of nowhere when he found a bowl of food that the farmer kept outside for his own cat. Cotton was eating as if it had been days since his last meal. He also looked severely sick. He was suffering from such a severe case of mange that his eyes were crusted shut and his ears were coated in scabs.

The man rushed into his house and got a cat carrier and put some more food in it for the hungry cat. Cotton went in right away and the man was able to close the door and send a plea to a local Facebook group.

That's when Carmen saw the story and drove to go pick him up. She immediately brought him to the vet to start his treatment.

Cotton was dehydrated, malnourished and suffered from a severe case of mange. They don't know how long he was walking around blind, but it would have been a while.

"He purred the whole time they were examining him!" They cleaned off the scabs and started his antibiotic medications so he could get healthy.

He ate well and was extremely friendly, enjoying all the attention he was getting for the first time. Finally, after some time had passed his eyes started to open and Carmen couldn't believe what she saw.

This little fighter was not only a sweetheart, but he was a gorgeous little guy with two different colored eyes. They used coconut oil to help his skin heal and fed him canned food and made sure he had all the water he could need. His scabs started to calm down and he started to look a little more comfortable in his body.

As time passed, he regained his handsome good looks and now searches people out when he wants attention. He is apparently very vocal and isn't afraid to ask to be loved.

He is a completely different cat now! He is going to need a new home now that he is all healed up, so if you are interested you can fill out an application here.