Wedding Guests Wore Blindfolds At This Ceremony For A Beautiful Reason


Wedding Guests Wore Blindfolds At This Ceremony For A Beautiful Reason

Lemon Tree Film House

Every bride wants their wedding day to be perfect.

Many women will spend months fussing over every detail of their ceremony until the big day finally arrives. And a few even lose their cool and turn into "Bridezillas" when things don't go according to plan.

But Stephanie Campbell, who lost her vision at age 27 because of a degenerative eye condition, appreciated her wedding day much differently than most women do.

Blind wedding
Stephanie, who lost her eyesight at age 27, recently married Robert Campbell.Lemon Tree Film House

The Australian bride told Good Morning America that she slowly began losing her vision as a teenager before effectively going blind four years ago, all because of an eye disorder called cone-rod dystrophy.

But Stephanie's disability would actually inspire her wedding day in a unique way, as she asked all of her guests to wear blindfolds.

Just before Stephanie walked down the aisle to join her new husband, Robert, she invited her guests to put on blindfolds she provided, letting them experience the life-changing moment just as she did.

"It also meant that everyone was completely present," she said.

Blindfold wedding
Guests wore blindfolds as the couple exchanged their vows.Lemon Tree Film House

The stunt was pulled off with the help of film and photography group Lemon Tree Film House, who arranged for the surprising request without a hitch. They also produced a described video of the wedding, for the benefit of Stephanie, her siblings, and her mother, who all have the same eye condition.

"It worked," said Shaun and T.J. Tolhoek of Lemon Tree. "You could have heard a pin drop as everyone was so 'present' and Steph got to know that in that moment, everyone was right by her side."

"Here was Steph looking so stunning that she took Rob's breath away and yet she couldn't see her own beauty nor Rob's expression of complete adoration herself," they said. "It's humbling. It's powerful. It's love."

Robert's vows also paid tribute to his new wife's condition in a very sweet way.

"When you lose one of our senses, the others become heightened," he told her. "From the start you inspired me with your strength, your beauty, and channeled me with your intelligence and intellect."

Blindfold wedding
Stephanie says her guests were "present" during the ceremony without the distraction of their eyesight.Lemon Tree Film House

As photos from her beautiful and creative wedding are going viral, Stephanie hopes they serve as encouragement to people everywhere.

"People might tell you that you can't do things, but you can do them," she told NewsHub. "You've just got to work out ow to do them differently."

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