Blogger Snaps Picture of Chicken Chart Burger King Probably Doesn't Want You To See

Helen Rosner was recently at a rest stop in New York when she discovered something a little unsettling about the way Burger King chooses which chicken to use.

Rosner was at BK and noticed there was a training guide left on the counter which indicated what constitutes usable chicken vs unusable chicken.

So how does the fast food chain decide? Temperature? Timing? Cutting a tester open?

The answer is none of the above. From the looks of it, Burger King goes solely on the color of the breading.

Okay, so maybe that's not how they decide the temperature of the chicken. But it doesn't look good. Pale, hardly cooked chicken is a no-no (in case you were wondering.) And blackened, burnt to a crisp chicken should probably not be served either.

The chart was supposed to have been kept in the back room, but one employee left it on the counter by accident.

And while this chart may seem redundant to us, a lot of fast food workers note that they are extremely helpful for employees in training.

One Facebook user, Trace Rask, also noted it's not just the decision of Burger King to post the chart.

"I've worked in the food service industry for 30 years," said Race. "Guides such as these are posted by law. They're to cover the restaurants ass, should an employee serve unhealthy food items. Basically. Food temperature, cooling procedures of stored food and all other food safety warnings are also posted."

Have you worked in fast food before? Are these charts common place? Let us know!