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Blue Wine Is Soon Coming To A Store Near You

While we're still reeling from the hype surrounding the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, another drink company is hoping to inspire the same shock and awe with its newest product.

Gik, a Spanish startup specializing in wine announced that its popular blue wine will soon be hitting shelves in the U.S.

Yep, that's right. Blue wine is officially going to be a thing. You're probably wondering "why?"

Well according to the website you should really be asking "why not?"

"Gïk is born for fun. To shake things up a little and see what happens. To create something new. Something different."

As with most stunt foods, the vibrant drink took social media by storm when it was first launched in Spain. It has since gained enough popularity to make its way across the ocean and over to America.

The 11.5% alcohol content wine was developed in collaboration with food researchers at the University of the Basque Country and Azti Tecnecalia. It lists both spanish red and white grapes, anthocyanin (pigment found in grape skin), a non-caloric sweetener and indigo dye as ingredients.

According to the Gik Blue creators, the electric color was chosen because it represents "movement, innovation and infinity" that will help us move away from wine's traditional associations and redefine our drinking experience.

“Drinking Gïk is not just about drinking blue wine; you are drinking innovation. You are drinking creation.”

You can be one of the first to take a sip of this new wine when it launches this October by placing a pre-order. Bottles will retail at $16 each but you can enjoy a discount when you purchase two or more.

Will you be trying Gik blue wine? Let us know!