'Price Is Right' Host Bob Barker, 94, Hospitalized In Los Angeles


Bob Barker, the former host of the hit daytime game show Price is Right, was rushed to hospital on Monday because of serious back pain.

Barker's manager, Will Prappas, told TMZ that the TV host, now 94, woke up with major back pain, and his family later called for an ambulance.

"It was painful and difficult to get him in a private vehicle," Prappas told People. "We decided [an ambulance] was easier and better for him."

"Hopefully he'll be back home soon."

Bob Barker Drew Carey
Drew Carey replaced Barker as the host of 'Price is Right' in 2007.CBS

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived at Barker's home in the Hollywood Hills yesterday afternoon, before transporting him to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Photos published by the entertainment news site show first responders unloading Barker from an emergency vehicle on a stretcher.

Prappas said that the TV host is "awake and alert" at the hospital, and is recuperating while being evaluated by doctors.

"Hopefully he'll be back home soon," he told USA Today on Monday night.

The hospitalization comes after Prappas revealed that Barker had suffered a "non-emergency back injury" earlier this month, when he was treated at his home by firefighters.

Prappas said this week's hospitalization was from an "increased level of pain" related to that injury.

Bob Barker Price is Right
Barker has now been hospitalized twice in two years.CBS

"This is not an everyday occurrence," he told Fox News earlier this month. "I wouldn't necessarily call it an injury. It's just a back problem. But he's fine now."

Barker was also hospitalized after injuring his head during a pair of falls, one near his house in 2015, and one inside his home in 2017.

He was driven to the hospital by his housekeeper after the accident in 2017, and was tested by doctors in the hospital's emergency room.

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We're wishing Barker a speedy recovery!

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