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See The Emotional Moment Son Tells His Dad He's Going To The Olympics

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As the 2018 Olympics roll around, athletes are finding out if they're making the cut. For some, it will be a return trip to the games, but for others, it will be the first time their Olympic dreams are coming true.


One of the most talked about sports this Olympics will be ice hockey, but it's not for the reasons you'd might expect. Normally, professional hockey players from the National Hockey League attend the Olympic games for their respective countries. However, this year, the league and team owners decided that players who were under NHL contracts would not be allowed to attend the Olympic games, as insurance costs would be too high. This meant national teams would have to look at other options for their rosters.

While the NHL players may not like the decision, it does open the door for other players who, although they're not in the big leagues, still have a lot of talent to offer.

That's why when 30-year-old Bobby Butler told his dad he was going to the Olympics, there was not a dry eye in the house.

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