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Couple Shares A 'Bonnie And Clyde' Style Kiss After Taking Cops On Dramatic High-Speed Chase

A couple is being called the 'new Bonnie and Clyde' after their recent arrest ended in a kiss. The Arizona couple were being followed by police after allegedly stealing a car and leading the cops on a half-hour high speed pursuit outside of Phoenix.

It all started when the vehicle that was reported as stolen was spotted by cops, but instead of pulling over, the couple sped off. They ventured up one-way streets the wrong way, they went off road, and they pulled dangerous turns in intersections that could have led to people getting hurt.


The pursuit spanned 30 miles as cops tracked them by helicopter, but when the vehicle crashed through a fence and ventured out into the desert things took a cinematic turn. The couple crashed their vehicle and took off running. It was only a few moments later that it started to look like something out of a movie.

As romantic of a date as a car chase seems, it actually has become a viral story because of how it ended. The couple each took off in different directions, with the helicopter keeping the spotlight on the driver.


After running for a short time, the couple both gave up and reunited under the light. It was then that they hugged and kissed before laying on the ground with their hands up. The scene looks like something out of a movie with the light of the helicopter illuminating the orange-colored sand. It's almost romantic if you ignore the fact that they are probably going to go to jail.

The driver, Dustin Perkins, said, "I'm sorry, everybody. It was a really stupid thing," while he was on his way into the station.


Both Perkins and Lovida Flores, the woman in the car, were injured when it crashed in the desert. Perkins hurt his wrist and Flores injured her jaw and is currently in "serious condition."

Perkins revealed to the police that they were trying to bring the truck to his father who is struggling with cancer, but authorities are still investigating the incident. So far the couple is facing charges of vehicle theft and unlawful flight.