Books that will formulate students' ideas about success

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Books that will formulate students' ideas about success

Everyone wants to be successful and fulfill their dreams. However, being successful may sound easy, but it comes with many sacrifices, effort, time, and resources. But even though the road to success might be paved with challenges and obstacles, with positive and negative emotions and feelings, it is a nice and enjoyable road that teaches you a lot. Being successful is only the ultimate thing to reach, it is the destination. But to succeed, you need to go through life experiences, learn more about what surrounds you, learn how to lead and communicate with people, and many more.

The road to success is a learning path you embark on. And a few books could help you define your idea of success better, but also to decide on your goals and dreams. When you get an education in college as a student, you have to study a lot. Here, success might be defined differently because this highly depends on the context too. But your perspective on success might change during your lifetime and getting an overall idea of what you should seek, you could read a few books about success. Here are a few recommendations.

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is a Canadian journalist, with a few bestsellers on his resume. Outliers: The Story of Success is one of his most acclaimed books where he explores the story of success. What makes the high-achievers, the most successful people, different from others?

If you have wondered what billionaires, math experts, or great soccer players do to succeed, you will find your answers in this book. The book of Malcolm Gladwell is one of the best out there that explores the ideas of success and the expectations and obstacles people put in their way. How important is the culture you come from, your personality, or your life experiences to succeed, you will find out only by reading this book. You can also read essay examples about Malcolm Gladwell and learn more about who he is. You will surely find a free essay example on the perspective on success of this wonderful and eye-opening author.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

If you have not heard of Viktor Frankl, this is the first book written by him you should read. It is also the most popular one because it explores a tough subject: the Holocaust and survival. Even though it may seem that this book’s subject is not related to success, it is about something more powerful than that: purpose.

The road to success is not an easy one and in some moments you might feel defeated and overwhelmed. But if you have a purpose, if you have something you care for and would do anything for it, you will find the strength you need to fight. Viktor Frankl was taken to the Holocaust, in horrible conditions, and he managed to survive those terrific conditions. Because he had a purpose.

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwarz

Distractions are everywhere and finding your focus in a world where there is a fight for your attention is difficult. If you have been struggling with being productive and finding your flow, then this book is for you. Procrastination is something that everyone does, but many people fail to overcome it and focus on their purpose and goals. The Magic of Thinking Big is a book that will inspire you to go beyond procrastination and keep your motivation levels high.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

To achieve success, you do not only need to read about it. You need to put to practice every good thing you learn from the books you read. But sometimes, breaking bad habits and replacing them with better ones can be challenging. This book by James Clear teaches you how to do this and how to become better day by day.

Ending Note

Everyone has an idea of how success would look like for them. Even though this idea will change over time, getting inspiration from the books you read is changing and helpful. These are some of the best books on the idea of success, but also on the things that support success achievement: good habits, a purpose, and overcoming obstacles. Get inspired and motivated and start building your own road to success.

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