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Father Is "Stunned" After Boy Scouts Demoted His Son Because He Has Down Syndrome

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Chad Blyth

Chad Blyth says a few months ago his son Logan was one step away from becoming an Eagle Scout - the highest rank in the Boy Scouts.

He says that his 15-year-old son, who has both autism and Down syndrome, loved scouting because it let him meet other kids while learning to "expand and grow."

But now, Logan "doesn’t even want to touch his scout uniform" after a controversial decision by the group.

Eagle Scout

Logan Blyth.Chad Blyth

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a lifelong commitment. To qualify, scouts have to learn the skills to earn a certain number of merit badges, then complete a major volunteer project.

When Logan finally qualified for the rank, his dad helped him plan a very meaningful project: making kits for parents of newborns with disabilities.

The local scout group and the state parks department both signed off on the project.

So Chad was "flabbergasted" when the national headquarters rejected the plan.


“We went through, got that approved, even got some pictures with the council members that approved it," Chad told Metro.

"24 hours later we got an email from those very same council members indicating that they have to suspend Logan’s Eagle project, and were very sorry they approved it”

Chad says there was only one reason why his son's project wasn't approved: his disability.

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