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Boy Sneaks Knick Knack Into School, Now He Could Be Expelled

Kristy Jackson is left fuming after her 4-year-old son is facing expulsion after showing "gun enthusiasm."

Jackson posted about the ordeal on her Facebook page and people have made it go viral.

Her son, Hunter, was out with his grandfather when he saw a bullet shell in the grass. Hunter thought it was cool, seeing as he practices shooting with his police officer grandfather, so he snuck the casing into school to show the other children.

When Hunter's teacher caught wind of what was happening, she immediately suspended Hunter for 7 days, which could end up leading to an expulsion is his "enthusiasm for guns continues."

Kristy Jackson is livid that her son is being profiled as something he's not, just because he brought a shell casing into school. She says Hunter's teacher has gotten Hunter in trouble previously for talking about hunting trips with his grandfather, playing cops and robbers, and picking up sticks in the playground and pretending to shoot the sticks.

Jackson's Facebook post regarding the incident has more than 4,500 shares.

I never thought this could happen to us. You see stuff on the news like this, but.... Today, I picked up my happy...

Posted by Kristy Jackson on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Kristy says the teacher mistook the shell casing as a "shotgun bullet" which was flat out incorrect.

Most people agree that the teacher has overreacted, but others are saying Hunter shouldn't be picking up gun casings and bringing them to school.

The story garnered a lot of attention, so much so that Kristy had to post an update about the situation.

It's an odd thing, to see your son's character debated in the public. I suppose I brought that on, by posting my...

Posted by Kristy Jackson on Friday, March 24, 2017

The fact that the school is violating the 3 day suspension maximum is infuriating for sure, but do you think they are justified in their choice? Let us know.

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