Boy Stops Drill Sargent in His Tracks With One Heartbreaking Answer


Boy Stops Drill Sargent in His Tracks With One Heartbreaking Answer

Anyone who's watched a little bit of day time TV has seen a boot camp episode of a daytime talk show. The worst of the worst behaving kids from around the country show up to get yelled at by an actual Army Drill Sargent, when they leave they have a new respect for their family.

That's how it's supposed to go anyway. If you watched enough TV you might remember one episode of Jenny Jones where things didn't go as planned.

One 10-year-old-boy had been a terror for his single mother. She was at her wit's end and, with no where else to turn, appeared on Jenny Jones looking for help. Sargent Moses answered the call, but not in a way anyone expected.

Saddest Boy

The Army Veteran has helped turn around the lives of dozens of wayward youths, but this young boy stood out against the rest.

On the show Sgt. Moses yells, threatens and intimidates kids into behaving better. He confronts the young boy and asks "Do you want me to be your daddy for the next 8 years?!"

He means it as a threat. Who could want someone so tough to be their dad for 8 years?

"Yes sir," says the boy.

"You do?!" yells Sgt. Moses.

"Yes, sir."

At this point the audience who had been raucous to see some stern parenting grew quiet. This clearly isn't how things are supposed to go.

"Why," asked Moses.

"Because I have no daddy."

The look on Sgt. Moses's face said it all. Anyone watching could only feel one thing: complete heartbreak.

Sgt Moses

According to several sources the boy and Sgt. Moses stayed in contact for a few years after taping, but eventually lost touch. There have been several attempts to find the boy, there's even a Facebook page devoted to it, but there have been no updates so far.

Watch the scene for yourself:

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