Brad Pitt Finally Speaks About His Divorce, Reveals Intense Details


Brad Pitt Finally Speaks About His Divorce, Reveals Intense Details

Who could've ever predicted that power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship would hit the rocks after all these years?

The celebrity couple had spent 12 years together prior to their separation last September and share 6 children. It was unclear what led Angelina to file for divorce but she subsequently released a statement citing "the health of the family" as a reason.

Nearly 8 months after Brangelina announced the end of their marriage, Brad has finally worked up the courage to share his side of the story in an interview with GQ style.      

The War Machine actor graces the cover of the magazine's summer issue and sat down with writer Michael Paterniti for a chat during which he revealed how he's been coping with the shocking breakup, his personal struggles and as well as those of his children.

"You know, I just started therapy," he said, noting that the entire family also signed up for group counseling in the aftermath of the split. "I love it. I love it. I went through two therapists to get the right one.

The divorce took a huge toll on the Hollywood heartthrob's life in a myriad of ways and he is still dealing with all of the changes especially those that involve his children.

"There's a lot to tell them because there's understanding the future, there's understanding the immediate moment and why we're at this point, and then it brings up a lot of issues from the past that we haven't talked about. So, our focus is that everyone comes out stronger and better people "” there is no other outcome," said Brad.                                    

In addition to the custody battle that followed the separation, Brad was subject to rumors of drug and alcohol abuse.

Find out what what he says about the claims in the next page.

Brad admitted that he was hooked on booze and drugs throughout his marriage.

"I mean I stopped everything except boozing when I started my family. But even this last year, you know"”things I wasn't dealing with. I was boozing too much. It's just become a problem," he confessed.

"I can't remember a day since I got out of college when I wasn't boozing or had a spliff, or something. Something. And you realize that a lot of it is, um "” cigarettes, you know, pacifiers. And I'm running from feelings . . . I mean, we have a winery. I enjoy wine very, very much, but I just ran it to the ground. I had to step away for a minute. And truthfully I could drink a Russian under the table with his own vodka. I was a professional. I was good," he added.

The actor confesses that he didn't "want to live that way anymore" and has been working on fixing his flaws. His family is now his priority and he is seeking help with his addiction.

"Family First. People on their deathbeds don't talk about what they obtained or were awarded. They talk about their loved ones or their regrets"”that seems to be the menu. I say that as someone who's let the work take me away. Kids are so delicate. They absorb everything. They need to have their hand held and things explained. They need to be listened to. When I get in that busy work mode, I'm not hearing. I want to be better at that."

Brad eventually realized that his role as a dad trumps that of an actor and although it won't fix his marriage, he hopes it will strengthen his relationship with his children.

"And it's hit me smack in the face with our divorce: I gotta be more. I gotta be more for them. I have to show them. And I haven't been great at it," he adds.  

Money and awards aside, Brad is just like any other divorced dad who is trying his best to be better for his kids' sake. Admitting his pitfalls in such a public way is certainly not easy but he tells GQ that he isn't trying to change anyone's opinions about who he is.

When asked if he had any plans to put pen to paper and share further details of his experience, Brad replied: "No! I find writing too arduous."

At the end of the day, he doesn't let other people's narratives of him get to his head.

"People who love me know me. And that's enough for me."

You can watch Brad in the upcoming Netflix satirical warm film War Machine alongside Anthony Michael Hall, Topher Grace, Will Poulter, Tilda Swinton, and Ben Kingsley. The film will be released on May 26.

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