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'The Brady Bunch' Cast Expose Their Steamy On-Set Romances

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An important part of my childhood was coming home from school and hopping off the bus in time to catch the afternoon episode of The Brady Bunch.

The classic series is still playing in reruns to this day, which speaks to how the show's family values and relatable plots still resonate with audiences.

So imagine my surprise when I grew up and started reading autobiographies by the cast members.

It turns out this bunch weren't as wholesome behind-the-scenes as the characters they played on TV.

A Family Affair

When asked Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) about on-set hookups, she was surprisingly frank.

“I think all of us did," she admitted. "We led a sheltered life for part of the year, so if there was anybody to get a crush on or try to date, it would be our counterparts."

Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen (Bobby and Cindy Brady).ABC

That included Olsen and Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady), who got a little friendlier than a brother and sister should.

Lookinland and Olsen would sneak into the Brady family pet Tiger's doghouse to make out between takes, according to Barry Williams (Greg Brady).

Williams wrote in his autobiography, Growing Up Brady, that Lookinland only ditched his TV sister after he started pining for the older girls on set.

Peter and Jan Get Caught

Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) also started a behind-the-scenes romance with his TV sister Eve Plumb (Jan Brady).

The pair were going steady behind the scenes, but their relationship reportedly fizzled out after a police officer caught them "going steady" in Knight's pickup truck.

For a PG show things were very X-rated behind the scenes.

But the Brady kids weren't only interested in each other. One of them had a thing for Carol Brady.

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