BREAKING: Gunshots Fired On Capitol Hill Grounds, What We Know So Far

Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. is currently on lockdown after reports of gunfire near the Rayburn Building.

Panic ensued after an armed suspect crashed into a police cruiser and tried to run down police officers on the scene.

Washington police told ABC news the suspect is currently in custody. The attacker was chased down on foot after leaping from their car.

Police say no one was hit by the fired shots.

People near the site attest to hearing what sounded like 3 gunshots fired. The area was cleared and surrounding buildings were put on lockdown.

This security alert happened just a day after a man approached the White House claiming to have explosives. It also adds to a list of security breaches where people managed to get onto White House grounds, some for an extended period of time.

Police have called this incident "criminal in nature" but say it has no link to terrorism.

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