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Woman Panics After Her Breast Milk Turns Pink

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Daily Mail

Your baby's health is of utmost importance, so if anything seems amiss, it's natural that you're going to freak out immediately.

A breastfeeding mother said she "nearly had a heart attack" when she noticed her breast milk had turned pink, but luckily there was a fascinating reason behind the dramatic change in color.

When you think of milk in general, the only color that comes to mind is white. In fact, milk can be all sorts of colors, depending on the mother's diet and the changing needs of development in the baby.

In terms of nutrition, if a mother consumes large amounts of food or drink containing food dyes, their breast milk can take on a hint of green, blue, yellow, or pink.

If the food is not bad, it's not huge cause for concern.

One Australian mother couldn't help but panic while feeding her 16-month-old daughter, who started acting unusually. When her daughter unlatched from her nipple, she squirted pink fluid. She was worried that her blood was mixing into her milk.

Fortunately she discovered that the pink color was from one of her favorite vegetables!

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