Breeder Was About To Throw This 'Defective' Puppy Away, But Look At Her Now!

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Breeder Was About To Throw This 'Defective' Puppy Away, But Look At Her Now!

When Willow was born, she wasn't like her brothers and sisters. Her body just didn't work the same and the breeder was not interested in dealing with it.

Willow was born with a condition called Swimmers Syndrome which causes the puppy to lay flat on their stomach because their arms and legs stick out straight to the side, completely unable to stand or walk.

The breeder where she was born did not want to deal with this condition and was going to get rid of her, but Jenn, President of 2nd Chances Rescue, refused to let that happen. She drove out to the breeder's house and took the puppy into custody.

Jenn brought the little one to Gina, an Animal Acuscope Therapist who has helped puppies with Swimmer Syndrome before. They wrapped up Willow's chest so it wouldn't get flat from laying on it and started to stimulate her spinal cord to hopefully get her muscles moving properly.

The process took a few months, but eventually Willow was able to walk! She even got to go for a swim. She became the sweetest girl who loved her rescuers and wasn't afraid to show it.

Her body grew up strong and she was able to play just like any other dog.

Now she's all grown up and happy to have been given a second chance! Look how gorgeous she is now!

You can watch her story here.