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Bride's Toxic Decorations Send Her To The Emergency Room On Her Wedding Day

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Christine Miller

A thrifty bride from Lincoln, Nebraska wound up paying dearly because of her choice of DIY wedding decorations.

Christine Miller and her new husband Jon recently purchased a gorgeous 29-acre plot of land, and the crafty bride decided to incorporate her homestead into their wedding. In the past, she had picked a beautiful white flower from the hills near her house, and decided to use them to decorate the ceremony.

The bride with her bouquet. Notice the floral arrangement in the background.Christine Miller

Christine and her bridesmaids filled a pickup truck bed with the white flowers, and the happy bride spent that night before her wedding making dozens of centerpieces, flower crowns, corsages, bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral arrangements with her mother.

But when she woke up the next morning, Christine made the tragic decision to wash her face with her hands. In just a few hours, her face was painfully swollen, with red and bumpy eyes. Christine says that her skin felt like sandpaper, and none of the allergy medication she took did anything.

Christine Miller

Despite the painful reaction (and the missing wedding rings, which were forgotten in all the chaos), the young bride went through with her ceremony that afternoon, holding a bouquet of those white flowers. The pastor tried to rush through the vows, because it was painful for Christine to even blink.

But that was just the start of the bride's disastrous wedding day.

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